Reliable recall


Reliable Recall workshop!

Would you like to feel more confident to let your dog off the lead, safe in the knowledge that they will return when called? Do you struggle to call your dog back to you? Do they get easily distracted and run off to meet other people and dogs? Would you like to further develop your recall training and progress to working around more distractions? Then our Reliable Recall workshop is for you!

A reliable recall is a vital skill for all dogs and owners. It allows your dog the opportunity to run free and explore with you being relaxed and confident they will return. It also keeps them safe when off lead and ensures they can avoid dangerous situations.

What will we cover?
  • We'll use fun, motivational and positive methods to engage your dog and build the value in the all important recall 
  • We'll work on recalling dogs from various distractions including other dogs, new people, different smells, when chasing, and lots more...
  • We'll teach you some fun recall games that you can teach your dog, not only to come when called, but also to stay by you when they do.
  • We'll explore the science behind why our dogs may struggle to come when called and how to identify and work through situations where your dog seems to have 'selective hearing'.
  • We will also tailor make a 'cool down' routine specifically designed for you and your dog. This will include games and activities which will change your dogs state of mind being calm and relaxed. For dogs who avoid you at the end of the walk, this will build a positive association and put a stop to them running off.
  • We'll also explore how markers such as a clicker or a verbal cue can be used to speed up your training. 

When does the next course start?

Tuesday 18th August @ 7:00pm: Bradley Green village hall (indoor/outdoor)


Thursday 27th August @ 5:30pm: Headless Cross scout hut (outdoors)


Monday 21st September @ 6:30pm: Bradley Green village hall (indoor)


How long is the workshop?

1.5 hours including a short break.

How much does the workshop cost?


Where is the workshop location?

We have two locations:

- 11th Redditch Scout Hut grounds, Feckenham Road, Headless Cross. Redditch. 

  B97 5BU

- Bradley Green Village Hall, Church Road, Bradley Green, nr Redditch. B96 6RW

How do I book a place?

Complete and submit the form below. You will receive an invoice via email to pay and confirm your place. A confirmation with further information for your course will be sent once payment is made.  

Reliable Recall Booking Form

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T's & C's:

*Full refunds can only be given for cancellations giving at least 7 days notice prior to course start date. Cancellations within 7 days of start date will be subject to a charge of 100% of fees paid unless place is re-filled up to 48 hours prior to start date, in which case a full refund will be given. 

*Course fees are not refundable for non-attendance.

*Any cancelled outdoor classes due to extreme weather conditions will be substituted with the online version of the missed class. Classes cancelled due to this nature will not be re-arranged at a later date.  

*COVID 19- Refunds will not be given for those needing to quarantine/self-isolate if notified within 7 days of course start date. Places also cannot be transferred to a later course unless re-booked and paid for again.