Puppy Academy


Our brand new syllabus for young puppies to learn essential life skills with a fun game-based approach.


Why choose Puppy Academy classes?

*They are fun & have a relaxed atmosphere

*Puppies are all young so of similar age and

 ability to learn

*They include the latest scientifically proven methods for success 

*They encourage and motivate you to train your puppy

*You will receive weekly printed handouts of what is covered in classes to refer to and practice at home

*You & your puppy will receive a Puppy Academy certificate & rosette for completing the course!

*You will receive advice, help & support throughout the course

Relax, you be will be in safe hands with us easing you through 6 weeks of fun and effective sessions to help your puppy through those all important (but testing!) first few months. We help you to build the essential foundations towards owning a well-adjusted, happy and fulfilled canine companion. Puppy Academy classes encourage owners to think about the future when your cute puppy will grow up and the behaviours you accept now may not be then.

How old does my puppy need to be to attend classes? 

We believe in the benefits of early socialisation so as long as your puppy has received at least his first vaccination and has been cleared by your veterinary surgeon to attend, he can begin his Puppy Academy education straight away! We will guide you clearly through each exercise, offering individual help & advice where required. 

How many puppies will be in our class? 

Class numbers are kept small; no more than 6 puppies as an absolute maximum to ensure individual help & attention can be given. 


Can my family attend class with me?

Of course! We actively welcome those living with the puppy (& any other friends or family who would like to come along too!) to attend for consistency of training, and the other puppies in class would love to meet you too! Children are also welcome as long as they are able to sit and concentrate for the duration of the class. As a guide we recommend age 5+. 

What training methods do you use? 

Our ethos is for you to have fun whilst teaching your new puppy all the important stuff for the future! Training shouldn't be a chore! 

We only use positive, reward-based methods using food & toys to motivate puppies at our classes, any negative or punitive actions will not be allowed or tolerated. 

What will my puppy learn at class? 

*Shaping calm & settled behaviour as a vital life skill

*How to walk on a loose lead

*How to be relaxed with humans around food  & chews

*Building confidence around new equipment, 

 surfaces and experiences they will encounter

 through puppyhood and beyond.

*How to meet adults and children politely

*How to play with toys & learning the secret to

 successful games with your puppy

*Calmness and self control around food

*Recall & the benefits of staying close to


*Husbandry techniques for confidence

 being handled at the vets/groomers...and more!

Owners will have the opportunity to purchase invaluable training aids, toys and at classes- all invaluable in helping you teach your new puppy essential skills. Exercises progress gradually over the sessions to further your puppy's knowledge & development. Each puppy will learn at a different rate so there is no need to feel pressured if yours takes a little longer to grasp it, and owners will never be singled out or shamed in any circumstances.

How much are the courses?

The cost of the 6-week course including: Natural tasty chew for your puppy on the first week, a certificate and rosette for completing the course, and access to our online version of the course with downloadable handouts to practice at home is £75. 

When & where are the classes held?

Our courses run on Tuesday evenings at Bradley Green, nr Redditch. Click here for full location details. Each class lasts for 50 minutes.

When does the next course start?  

Monday 9th November @ 6:00pm: Bradley Green

(For pups born on or after 15th June 2020) Fully booked

Monday 9th November @ 7:10pm: Bradley Green

(For pups born on or after 15th June 2020) Fully booked

Tuesday 5th January 2021 @ 6:10pm: Bradley Green (For pups born on or after 20th August 2020) 

Fully booked *COVID 19: read terms & conditions at bottom of page before booking 

Tuesday 26th January 2021 @ 5:00pm: Bradley Green (For pups born or after 10th September 2020) 

2 places available *COVID 19: read terms & conditions at bottom of page before booking 

**UPDATE 5/1/21**


Can't attend or commit to regular group classes? We also have an online version of this course here 


How do I book a course?

1. Complete booking form below. Booking will

   initially be provisional.

2. An invoice will be sent via email to

   pay and confirm place on the course.

3. Payment must be received in full within 48

   hours of invoice receipt otherwise place

   will be released back onto website.   

4. A confirmation email along with important

   information to prepare for the course will

   be sent before course starts.

Puppy Academy booking form

I have checked with my vet that my puppy will be cleared to attend classes following vaccination(s):

I have read, understood and agree with the T's & C's (at the bottom of this page):

T's & C's:

*Puppy Academy is specifically designed for puppies 20 weeks and under on the course start date- please be aware of this before making a booking.

*Full refunds can only be given for cancellations giving at least 7 days notice prior to course start date. Cancellations within 7 days of start date will be subject to a charge of 100% of fees paid unless place is re-filled up to 48 hours prior to start date, in which case a full refund will be given. 

*Course fees are not refundable for non-attendance.

*Any cancelled outdoor classes due to extreme weather conditions will be substituted with the online version of the missed class. Classes cancelled due to this nature will not be re-arranged at a later date.  


* Refunds will not be given for those needing to quarantine/self-isolate if notified within 7 days of course start date. Places cannot be transferred to a later course unless re-booked and paid for again.

* In the case of any further future lockdowns resulting in face-to-face group classes being required to cease, the whole/any remaining classes of course will be transferred to our online version, and a dedicated Facebook support group subsequently set up as an alternative.