What is Hoopers?

Think about the pace and excitement of agility - but with a gentler flowing course that doesn't involve any jumping - and that's Hoopers! The courses consist of a series of hoops, barrels and tunnels. There are no tight turns or high-impact obstacles you might see on an agility course. 

Unlike agility where you run the course with your dog, the long-term goal of Hoopers is to distance handle everything. This means the owner stands still as the dog is directed around the course through hand signals and verbal cues. 

Why is it so popular?

The main reason - it's fun!

Lots of dog owners also like Hoopers because they feel it's safer and more suitable for some dogs, particularly older ones. The equipment is cheaper and easy to set up, making it more accessible for more people. 

Who is Hoopers suited to?

The joy of Hoopers is that it is truly well-suited to ALL dogs. The tunnels and hoops are typically 80cm across, making them large enough for big breeds and roomy for smaller ones.

Because the courses are ground level, they are suitable for young puppies and elderly or disabled dogs (who are otherwise fit and well), who can take part without any worries about damaging joints or bones.

What are the benefits of Hoopers?

Practising for Hoopers is a great way to improve the all important bond you share, which has knock on positive effects on your everyday life together. It can also be a way to help build confidence in your dog if he may be worried about other dogs, or people. 

When and where do you teach Hoopers?

The Hoopers location and training times will be confirmed very shortly. Please send us a message below to express your interest in our new venture. 

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